Thursday, 30 September 2010

An Exciting Meeting!

Punch Bowl Inn, Stonegate, York
The chosen spot for our rendez-vous was the back room of the Punch Bowl Inn.  She was to going to be carrying a shoulder bag with Romance is Everything  in pink lettering. I had promised to be prominently displaying a Mills and Boon Historical, somewhere upon my person.  As it happened, when our eyes finally did meet across the crowded room (well, not too crowded, it was a Wednesday evening) I'd used my M&B to bag a table and had been cornered by a drunk man at the bar. Fortunately, I recognised Jessica as soon as she came in, was able to grab her, and escape!

It was fab to meet up with someone so like-minded and talk romance writing!  Jessica Thompson and I are fellow Mills and Boon New Voices Competition entrants, neither of us picked to go through to the finals, but bother of us determined to be published romance writers. And we both live in York, which is why meeting up was easy to arrange.

We've decided to meet up once a month - with others too, we hope - for a crit group.  The aim is to produce at least one chapter a month for everyone to read and comment on. Chapters are to be exchanged, if possible, a week before the meeting to give everyone time to read them.  So if you're a romance writer in York, or within travelling distance of York please do get in touch. Even if you're only available occasionally, do still get in touch. The first meeting will be on Wednesday October 27, venue tba, manuscripts are to be exchanged by the 20th.

For further info contact me via the email address in my blogger profile, or on Facebook.


  1. Thanks Sophia, it was so nice to meet you and discuss romance writing honestly! So excited about the group, hopefully we'll attract some more writers and well be hugely successful.

  2. It was indeed a fun night. Yes, fingers crossed there are some other "romantic ladies" in the area!

  3. Wish I lived closer to York. Ho hum and all that. Glad you two had a good meeting :-)

  4. I've only been to York once but loved it. Shame it's too far for me. It's a great idea to set up a crit group. I still see two friends I met at a writing do years ago and we still meet regularly and it's been lovely to see people go from success to success.

  5. Hi Doris, wish you lived closer too! At least there's an online group too which is looking good from what I've seen so far.

    Cara, a shame indeed! That's encouraging to know about your writing friends. It's fun to physically meet up with other writers and glad you guys are still going strong!