Sunday, 26 September 2010

What Next?

I haven't written anything much since entering the New Voices competition. I've been too great a state of excitement - both because entering the comp is an exciting thing, with lots of other entrants to network with online, and because I'm mulling over what I've learned. 

I've also been blown away to find out how generous other romantic fiction writers are with tips and advice, both on their blogs and in messages - wow!  Diane Gaston, a writer whose novels I love, gave a really helpful insight in her latest blog post on how her ideas evolve, and how she works them in to the beginnings of a story. My biggest gain from her post was the realisation that I hadn't developed my characters anywhere near enough before beginning to write.  A real noob's mistake, that I thought I might have been above with everything I've read about "how to write" over the years, but apparently not!  There's really no better way to learn than through actually writing though - something else I'm discovering.

So what next? Regarding Her Roman Solider there's going to be a re-write, with a more compelling and SHORTENED prologue (where I'll be following advice from other New Voices entrants, ta especially to Sally Quilford) and a new Chapter 1 which starts us off with the hero and heroine's CURRENT relationship where back story from the old prologue will be woven in (thank you to the lovely Michelle Styles for that suggestion).

Outside of romantic fiction, I'm craving a day out.  It's cold and gray here in York, but even a trip into town would be nice. I'm not sure I want to be online at the time of the New Voices finalists announcements today - I've had more than enough excitement for one week!


  1. Good luck with the competition - whatever the outcome, if you've learned something along the way, its a win win situation.

    Personally, I don't think I ever want to enter something so public again!

    Winner announced tomorrow at 9am I think, althogh could be wrong...

  2. Yep, the public part of the comp has been a toughy - but with the benefit that at least we get to see all the other entries when usually you don't know what you're up against!